ALU Panel – Aluminum Composite

Aluminium panel (aluminium composite panels) has excellent hardness and smooth finish and is therefore particularly suitable for outdoor use. The sheet is made up of a polyethylene core and a two-sided top layer of aluminium.

Delivery options at Podt Alplain

Sheet in different colours and thicknesses, surface textures.


Digital printing

Milling and drilling




Screen printing


  • White matte gloss
  • Brushed stainless steel look
  • Brushed aluminium look
  • UV, weather-resistant
  • High corrosion resistance
Length Width Thickness
2.000 mm 1.000 mm 3,00 - 4,00 mm
3.050 mm 2.000 mm 3,00 - 4,00 mm
4.050 mm 2.000 mm 3,00 - 4,00 mm


Lightweight sheet with PE core and two-sided aluminium top layer.

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