Your specialist in the reuse of plastics

Redisol is the sustainable link within PAG. Our aim is not to let any power or remainder go to waste, but instead to bring it back into the chain. We do this within the group, but of course also for other clients. Our goal: more reuse of plastics of the best quality and as a result less CO2 emissions.

No-nonsense, innovative and knowledgeable

These are the cornerstones from which we operate. Our team does everything in its power to turn your remainders into a new raw material that can be used at the highest level. That always starts with a challenge, namely the analysis of the remains. Which materials do we find in this? Which applications are suitable for this? How are we going to process the material?

Based on this analysis, we assess the flows and remainders and our team sets to work on a plan for a new application of the material. We always strive for upcycling, which means that we return the recycled material with the highest possible quality. For our clients, we find solutions in the reuse of plastics. In this way, we contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, the recycling and upcycling of plastics.

  • Culture
  • Future

Reliable, flexible and accessible

It starts with the door that is always open. We have known many of our clients personally for years and they are therefore always welcome. Nice, isn’t it? Long-term relationships are of course only possible if the basis is good: do what you say, show what you do and always offer a solution. So that is what you can rely on, whatever your challenge may be.


The world does
not stand still

And neither do we. Redisol closely follows the developments in the market. This does not only concern new types of material and applications but also technology and investing in the knowledge of our team. As a leader in the plastics industry, we follow innovations, sustainability and new developments. Working on the future of tomorrow starts today.

  • "A very accurate group, involved with our company since day 1. It is not a coincidence that they can always take our remainders for reuse."

  • "It is very clever how Redisol always finds a way for the qualitative reuse of our remainders based on material knowledge and perseverance."

  • Redisol has been one of our reliable buyers for remainders for years. A deal is a deal and they always find a solution.

  • "Thank you for the many years of positive cooperation, based on mutual trust!"