Redisol develops unique test package


More and more post-consumer recycle material is entering the market. This is mainly due to a significant increase in circular thinking. More and more brands and companies are embracing sustainable ideas. That is something that we as Redisol are very happy with. We believe that we can only take serious steps towards sustainable plastic production and processing together.

This increase in post-consumer recycle material does pose a growing challenge. It is becoming increasingly difficult to assess the different flows. For example, we always test for such things as impact resistance, MFI, colour or food safety. Due to an increase in diversity in flows, the test packages were no longer always adequate. Good analysis and research are crucial for determining the follow-up plan for reuse of material. After all, we want to know exactly what values the material has and thus for which application the material is still suitable.

That is why we have developed our own unique test package with Redisol. A test package with which we can analyse all the most important values from a material. A great step towards the future in order to be able to investigate even more flows and residues and to obtain a guaranteed quality.