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Four brands, each with their own vision, together form the Podt Alplain Group (PAG): Podt Alplain, Plastirol, Hagedorn Plastirol and Redisol. An international collaboration of specialist, independently operating brands in the plastics industry. All your ideal partners for production, trade, recycle and processing of plastics at your fingertips.

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Custom solutions within plastics

Podt Alplain is your accessible sparring partner for the development of (custom) solutions in plastic. Based on years of experience and extensive knowledge of plastic materials, we help convert your idea into a tangible end product. In addition, we have no restrictions in processing, applications, branches or material types. You have an idea, we have the solution. If not, we will find it, because that is quintessential Podt Alplain.

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Your expert for extruding plastic sheet and foil

Hagedorn Plastirol is the expert in extruding sheet and foil. Here, the possibility of reprocessing is taken into account. We often work on behalf of the technical and construction sector, but also for the automotive or horticultural sector. Our sheets and foils are often used as intermediate products for thermoformers and printers. When you work with Hagedorn Plastirol, you can expect the following: short lines (fast delivery times and direct contact with your contact person), clear communication and an advisory partner who thinks along with you. Do you have an idea for thermoforming plastic sheets or foils? We are happy to help you!

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Specialist in the reuse of plastics

Making new raw materials from plastic scraps, like true pioneers in the plastics industry. Raw materials that get a new life in a new application. Creating recycled raw materials of the best possible quality, with an application at the highest possible level - that is what Redisol is involved with every day. We are your no-nonsense partner for innovative recycling and upcycling. Because sustainability is not a wish, but a must. Especially in the plastics industry. We are happy to help you!

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Your partner in plastic intermediate products

If you are looking for a specialist for the development and production of tailor-made plastic intermediate products, you have come to the right place at Plastirol. A keen eye for quality and sustainability. To this end, only non-harmful raw materials are used and all remainders are always reprocessed. The highest quality plastic foils, extruded on a roll, both new and recycled. Our strong suit? Flexibility and diverse possibilities. Everything is custom work and we are happy to think along with you to achieve the best end product.

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  • "Hagedorn-Plastirol has proven over decades of collaboration to be an excellent partner to achieve these objectives. A deal is a deal and problems turn into solutions!"

  • "Hagedorn has worked with us to ensure that 100% recycled materials have become a standard for PS labels through innovation."

  • "Hagedorn Plastirol is a great company that is very committed to serving thermoforming businesses with both specialty and industry standard products. The customer service team is excellent. Likewise, the R&D teams are always ready to help."

    Erik Kramp - Nordic Agencies
  • "Plastirol is a flexible and accurately working foil supplier. Good and generally fast delivery times are possible if necessary and requested. A great company to work with, a real partner!"

    Anno Hart - Novapac
  • "As a customer, we are very satisfied, good quality of the goods at a fair price with fast processing and short delivery times."

    Kim-Vanessa Nußbaum - Schade Kunststoff-Verpackungen GMBH & Co. KG
  • “We are pleased with our collaboration with Plastirol. The communication lines are short so that we can quickly shift gears in our production. Everything is also done to ensure that our wishes are fulfilled. In short, a company that we like to work with.”

    Jan Kolkman - Kolkman Verpakkingen Hedel
  • "A very accurate group, involved with our company since day 1. It is not a coincidence that they can always take our remainders for reuse."

  • "It is very clever how Redisol always finds a way for the qualitative reuse of our remainders based on material knowledge and perseverance."


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