Natural polystyrene (PS) for heat exchangers


The production of plastic semi-finished products has enormous possibilities and applications. We always supervise our projects with full attention from advice to production and delivery. We like to be challenged in our flexibility and expertise. A project that ties in nicely with this is the development of specific applications for thermal technology.

What we have done for these applications within thermal technology is the development of natural polystyrene (PS) in a heat exchanger, which ensures the separation of warm and cold air flows. PS is a brittle, hard polymer that is mixed with impact-resistant types. Due to the wide variety of options, PS can be used universally for a wide variety of applications.

Processing PS for this purpose requires different production methods to achieve the desired result. We did this by means of extrusion, thermoforming, die-cutting and welding.

At Plastirol, you can count on the highest quality plastic foils. You can choose from foils PS, APET, PP and PE that are extruded on a roll. We are happy to advise you.