ABS/TPU super matte for Jansen Thermoforming


Sustainability and the environment are of great importance to Hagedorn Plastirol. We are constantly looking for new options and materials to actually reduce CO2 emissions. Our expertise and experience enable us to develop new products quickly. So we gladly accepted that challenge. For example, we were allowed to do a great project for Jansen Thermoforming.

Jansen Thermoforming produces high-quality plastic products by processing plastic sheets via vacuum forming. This may concern standard products, but also products that have to be produced according to special wishes. So we also gladly accepted the challenge for them.

For this project we were commissioned to produce an ABS sheet with TPU top layer, which remains super matte after vacuum forming. ABS is a rigid plastic with high-impact resistance. This material has a high surface hardness and good oil/grease resistance. Due to the TPU top layer, the product has an anti-slip layer and high-impact resistance against breakage, it is very scratch-resistant with a soft touch effect. This ABS plate serves as a cover for a portable toilet unit.

The operation applicable for this is CNC milling. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. This simply means that the machine is computer-controlled. With CNC milling, very complex 2D and 3D shapes can be milled accurately and quickly.

In addition, an ABS sheet with TPU top layer is very suitable for vacuum forming. This form of editing was central to the execution of this assignment.