100% recycled PS print for Van Elburg-Smit


Sustainability and the environment are of great importance to Hagedorn Plastirol. We are constantly looking for new options and materials to actually reduce CO2 emissions. Our expertise and experience enable us to develop new products quickly. So we gladly accepted that challenge. For example, we were able to do a great project for Van Elburg-Smit Horticulture Labels and Packaging.

Van Elburg-Smit specialises in the production of packaging, labels and promotional material for crops. Just like Hagedorn Plastirol, they are committed to corporate social responsibility.

For this project, we were commissioned to develop white polystyrene, which consists of 100% recycled polystyrene raw material. The colour white and the properties of the material had to be comparable to virgin material. The operations involved are PS Print and die-cutting, where flatness was one of the most important aspects to take into account.